Stylt launches in 2016 as a high end offering within premium denim.

Stylt seeks to reinvigorate the women's premium denim arena with its new fashioned fabric technologies, state of the art specialist denims, and only the highest standards of stretch that have exceptional stretch recovery – central to the retention of shape and ability to sculpt, and the denim’s developmental quality through the seasons.

These ensure the jeans keep and evolve in character with age and wear, whilst also retaining their treasured fit over time.

Stylt jeans are devised to be sculptural, where ‘they suck, lift, and hold you in'. The fabrics range from high elasticity power stretch to more rigid comfort stretches, utilizing the latest in Dupont DualFX, Lycra Beauty, and S-Cube technologies, and all of the styles will retain their lasting sculptural attributes no matter what -

– this is one of the essential and key components of Stylt’s denim legacy. While there is a four-way stretch soon to be introduced for those who value the extra dimensional comfort element, the current two-way stretch items are fashioned with unparalleled innovation, including developments in the application of Modal and Promodal fibres, giving a recognisable sophistication and softness of hand.

The sleek fit of the denim with the absence of visible wrinkles is also something to look out for. The patterns are developed to give a close fitting, leg lengthening style of jeans where the architecture of the leg panels curates a cleaner silhouette at the front and back, eliminating any visible ‘ruching’, the unsightly wrinkling that often spoils the look of the jeans.

This synthesis of high stretch recovery and fabric sophistication, combined with the sculptural fit, is part of the key to the reciprocal characteristics and evolved nature of the denim.